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The Docceroos essentially are a group of enthusiastic footballers with the unifying feature in that we are all doctors (medical practitioners) of varying specialties and origin. Each year we field a team that competes in the World Medical Football Championships which is hosted in a foreign country. Founded in 2003, Dr Alan Jones put a squad of 14 players together in 6 weeks to compete in Barcelona at the Football Estadi and training fields of F.C. Barcelona.

Since these humble beginnings, the squad has slowly grown stronger and with a core group of regular attenders we have fielded a team each year since this time.  We have competed favourably in most tournaments but are yet to grab the elusive winner’s trophy.

The championships each year are a wonderful opportunity to play 6 games of football, travel to a new country and meet doctors from around the globe in the setting of  a Medical Conference. For those of us fortunate enough to go, it truly is a trip of a lifetime (every year!).